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Things That are Getting Cheaper Due to Falling Oil Prices

Oil prices fluctuate and go up and down all the time. When those prices drop, other things become cheaper as well, saving you money. Here are some of them.

Acts of Goodness and Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Kindness feels good. Often the world can be a cruel place, but sometimes people do incredible things to make it better. The news is full of doom and gloom and man’s...

Interesting Podcasts That Make A Workout Less Boring

Some of us would prefer some form of 'talk radio' to music while we're working out. Welcome to the Podcast Era! Now talk is more varied and more interesting than ever...

Celebrities Who Have Gotten an Organ Transplant

Many people have an organ transplant to save their lives when one of theirs stops working properly. You might be surprised at the names of famous people who have had an...

Can Pets Be Claimed As Tax Deductions?

Having a pet is kind of like a hobby. But, you can't claim a hobby as a tax exemption (except under some very strict rules.) Still, you can turn your pet into a...

Memorable Stores That Don’t Exist Anymore

Stores often come and go, but some of them hold high esteem in your past. These stores have finished their glory days and you probably won't see them anywhere anymore.

Images of Abandoned Fast Food Restaurants

There are abandoned buildings all over the world and sometimes a fast food restaurant is left behind. What do they look like? Take a peek.

Unbelievable and Imaginative Rooms That Will Blow Your Mind

Incredible, breathtaking rooms! It takes an amazing imagination to come up with the kinds of rooms you are about to view. Some have open vistas and some are grottos, but...

The Cutest Baby Animals on Planet Earth

All animals have babies, but sometimes they are so cute you won't even believe it. Here are some of them.

Never Eat These Foods if You Have Allergies

When you have allergies, you know to avoid things like cotton, hay, flowers or other things that give you symptoms. However, for some people with seasonal allergies,...

How To Make An Amazing Salad

The Top Ranked Minivans Ever Made

Many families decide to purchase a minivan so they have the seating capacity and cargo space for their needs. If you're wondering which one is right for you, it's likely...